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Dr. Slusky loves seeing kids at her practice. Her current patients often decide to bring their children in to see her after they themselves go in for a visit and see that her friendly personality and endless enthusiasm and patience make her perfect for kids.

What's unique about your approach to treating children's vision?

I focus on educating my younger patients about their eye health. I also teach younger patients about the importance of preventing sun damage and wearing the appropriate glasses to see and do well in school.

Rather than just telling younger patients about the eye, I show them pictures and teach them in an interesting way so that they're not just knowledgeable, but empowered as they grow up and seek their own eye care.

I believe a child's first eye care experience should be a fun one. I'm often the first eye doctor kids see, so I try to make that first experience a great one. Great eye health habits start when kids are young, so I want to make going to the eye doctor fun.

How do I know whether my child has a vision problem?

Only a trained ophthalmologist or optometrist can diagnose any potential problems with your child's vision or eye health. If your child has trouble reading, understanding signals, or finding objects, a vision problem can sometimes be the reason. It doesn't hurt to get your child's vision checked if you suspect a problem.

I love seeing kids and can make their first visit—at any age—fun and exciting.

What are the benefits of having my children's eyes examined when they're young?

I am extremely passionate about fitting younger children for the glasses they need when they're young, because better vision can have such a dramatic change on their academic performance.

Children with clear vision are more social, active, and confident in school. I love hearing from parents that kids are excelling in school or are being more social, because they’ve had their vision corrected and can be more confident and capable because of my care.

Do you fit kids for contacts?

Yes! I generally recommend glasses for younger children because of the chance of infection associated with daily contact use; however, with the proper education, I am happy to help children find the right contacts for themselves.

I have a lot of younger patients who need contacts to play sports where they cannot otherwise wear glasses. Call our office or book an appointment to learn more.